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Are you interested in transforming your water well drilling rig into a mineral exploration rig?


No need to go through the hassle of selling your current rig to purchase a new one.  Rotary Drill Service Inc. has the expertise to transform your current water well drilling rig into a mineral exploration rig.  Our technicians are well versed and trained in performing this transformation.  Just Click Here to contact us about getting a no obligation quote on having your rig transformed.

Things to consider when thinking about transforming your rig....
Most rigs can be modified to perform Reverse Circulation (RC) and angle drilling for mineral samples. Our conversion will install any and all of the components to perform RC and angle drilling.
When considering a rig conversion, consider that most RC rigs will need to be in excellent condition to support 24 hour 7 days per week drilling operation.
When the water well market is depressed you may be able to sell you rig with a RC conversion overseas for mineral exploration thus enlarging your potential market place.