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Being in the drilling industry over 35 years we have grown to understand that sometimes the job requires unconventional solutions to unforseen problems.  Or sometimes there are should be an innovation to make a particular task a little quicker and easier to carry out.  So on top of our repair and transformation services, we also offer custom solutions.  To put it simply, if you have a problem or if you would like to make something easier just let us know, we can develop an affordable solution that no one else has thought of yet.

Rotary Drill Service specializes in installing special options and equipment that the rig manufacturers and other suppliers may not be willing to install. We can custom design, manufacture and install many types of optional equipment for specialized applications including but not limited to mud pumps, hydraulically driven welders/generators, diverters, auxiliary and booster piping, RC swivels, wet splitters, cyclones, sample hammers, high efficiency filters, even specialized operator platforms. We can update your existing rig to the latest controls and instrumentation to bring your old rig up to the latest standards and higher performance.