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Rotary Drill Service Inc. was established in 1978 and has been serving the drilling industry for over 35 years.  We've handled and completed thousands of repairs for businesses in our field.  We are a dependable company that you can rely on to promptly take your job from beginning to completion.

The Original Rig Doctor

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Modifications to a New Rig

Here is a new Schramm T455WS our customer just brought home, but first, we had...

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2014 Jubilee

Future Potential Drillers

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New Compressor and Repairs

Recent repairs to a Schramm T450WS: 1. Installed new: compressor clutch...

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Schramm T450W makeover

Here is a Schramm T450WS that had leaks that were repaired along with a good...

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Sliding Angle Mast Conversion

This is a Schramm T450GT that had the following repairs done: Converted from...

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Schramm T450GT

Below is a Schramm T450GT with the following upgrades: Converted rig from...

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Schramm T555W

This Schramm T555W drill rig received the following services: Repaired leaks....

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Before and After a Highway Accident

This is a Gefco Speedstar SD 22HDM that was in a highway accident. We did a...

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Before and After Fire Damage

This was a complete refurbish on a Schramm T450WS drill rig that had severe...

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New Compressors!

Today we shipped out two new compressors

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